I have a warm spot on my kitchen floor?

Yes, this is what a plumber calls a slab leak, which means you have copper pipe under the foundation of your home and it is leaking. Other signs of a slab leak are getting hot water to a faucet quicker than normal or hearing a continuous sound (humming) in the walls, at the water heater or under the sinks, and the most obvious is to actually have water surfacing in your house from a crack in the foundation.

Am I wasting too much water?
I brush my teeth every morning waiting for my shower to get hot water. I feel like I am wasting too much water what can I do?
Is Drain-o alright to use in showers?
If my shower is backing up, is it okay to use Drain-o?
Faucet will not quit dripping
Can I replace just the rubber gasket or do I need to replace the whole faucet?
Low water pressure in only one room
My water pressure is fine everywhere in the house except at my master bathroom faucet. Is there a problem in my water piping?
What is the p-trap and can it be removed?
We recently installed a new sink in our kitchen. The U shaped drain pipe underneath will not line up with the drain. Can I remove this part?
Hot water has low pressure
In my house, the hot water pressure is low compared to the cold. Is this normal?
Garbage Disposal won't work
My garbage disposal is not working properly and when I turn it on it just hums. What is wrong with it?
Hot water doesn't last during a shower
Recently I’ve noticed that my hot water runs out before I am through with my normal shower routine. Do I need to replace my water heater?
Can I put potato peels down the disposal?
I’ve been told not to put potato peels down my garbage disposal because it will clog my drains, is this true?

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